Top 3 Apps to learn Thai Language

It might be intimidating to learn Thai, especially when you first begin. There are considerably more challenges if you’re learning the language alone at home. It is crucial to only utilize the best applications when learning Thai because of this. You can learn the language quickly and, more importantly, correctly by practicing using tools and materials of the highest caliber.

Travelers from all over the world enjoy visiting Thailand, commonly known as the Land of Smiles. A large number of digital nomads who desire to explore different places are also drawn there. Even if all you need to communicate with locals is a smile, learning a few basic phrases and rules of grammar will enable you to completely experience the way of life there. You can quickly learn whatever you need to know with the aid of apps.

What Thai Language Learning Apps Are the Best?

‚ÄčThere are many language learning applications available, however, most of them are ineffective. They are jam-packed with games and easy exercises that could aid in your occasional acquisition of new vocabulary. But communication will be impossible. I put a tonne of them while the test to see which ones genuinely taught you the language in order to uncover the top apps for learning Thai.


Pimsleur ought to be at the top of your list if you wish to speak Thai fluently and rapidly. For some of the most widely used languages, it offers whole courses. As soon as you begin speaking, it helps you concentrate on developing useful conversational skills. It’s good that it’s audio-only because that’s the quickest method to get better at listening.

The lectures are brief (around 30 minutes) and guide you through commonplace situations. You may take the lessons wherever you want, which is another fantastic convenience. Click the link below to try Pimsleur for free, or read this Pimsleur review to find out more.


A great method to get started and learn the fundamentals of Thai is to take the Mondly Thai course. The content is ideal for total novices, and each lesson is brief and simple to follow. You can pick and choose which classes you want to finish, which is one of Mondly’s best features. Mondly allows you a lot more freedom than other applications, which compel you to follow the course order.

Because Mondly allows you to start from scratch with a solid basis in the language, I enjoyed using it. However, more advanced or intermediate learners won’t find it to be very helpful. Mondly is probably not the best option if you already know a lot of Thai. Click the link below to try Mondly for free, or read this Mondly review to find out more.

Key Elements
Beginning with the basics, learn Thai
Lessons are brief and simple to understand.
With flexibility, you can concentrate on what you want to learn.


Learners of Thai at all levels can find everything they need at ThaiPod101. You can study with its tens of thousands of video, audio, and text classes in a range of settings. Although it began as a podcast, it has evolved over the past few years to include various forms of content. You will be able to move confidently and easily through everyday circumstances because to the themes it covers.

ThaiPod101 has a tonne of features, thus I thought it belonged on this list. Every learner type (and every budget!) is catered to by it.

Key Elements
Numerous lessons are offered.
Weekly lessons are new.
each and every budget
learn about relevant subjects
ThaiPod101 is totally free, and you may access the essential features and weekly classes. A monthly paid subscription can be had for as little as $4. Depending on the services you select and the length of your subscription, the cost increases. View all of ThaiPod101’s offerings to determine which subscription level is best for you.

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