How to Learn Tagalog Language Via App

What if memorising Tagalog words involved crazy exciting games rather than tedious drills? Drops makes learning a language enjoyable and simple. Through stunning graphics and short mini-games, useful terminology is ingrained in your memory.
The absurd aspect? You only have five minutes each day. Possibly ridiculous, but it really works!:)
The following are the components of the secret sauce: Fully illustrated You don’t even need to speak your native language because pictures may convey meaning just as well! no middleman. faster, more efficient, and more enjoyable, of course:)
🏎 5 minute sessions: It may sound insane to limit practise time, but doing so makes it very addictive, which is great for learning. You have no excuses because the entry barrier is almost zero; even on the busiest day, you’ll have 5 minutes!
πŸ•Ή Easy gameplay: We have distilled the essence of why games are enjoyable and addictive into Drops. As a result, you have a completely immersive experience that doesn’t waste your time because you learn useful information.
Qucik: Typing on a keyboard is excruciatingly sluggish. Greetings to quick swipes and taps! You’ll need those extra seconds for the short learning session, we assure you.
Only using vocabulary: No grammar, just well chosen useful words. Our primary concentration is on that, and we excel at it. The software also teaches the Hangul (hangoul) Korean “alphabet”!
Develop a habit: Drops wants you to become addicted to studying languages. Without a solid habit, effectiveness is nothing. We aid in its construction!
We are quite proud of the beautiful word pronunciations performed by our skilled voice artists!
Drops is free for casual learners, offering more than 1700 words in 99 different areas. Hardcore language learners can sign up for the premium plan to advance more quickly and have limitless study time. Monthly subscriptions begin at $2.99.

🌍 By offering a unique tool that makes use of the visual language we all share, photos, we hope to empower people all around the world through language proficiency.

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P.S. : Use caution, this app has been known to cause addiction to language learning.

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