Best Apps to Learn Russian Language in 2023

Are you looking for the top Russian learning apps? You’ve arrived at the appropriate page.

Learning Russian is like munching on dry bread with caviar sprinkled on top. You may have a singular experience that will cause you to fall in love with the fervour and finesse of the language. If not, it could feel like a source of layered confusion and (mental) indigestion, similar to caviar.

The greatest Russian learning applications, however, can help your learning process feel more like a breeze and less like a typhoon.

Russian language learning apps that really work
The foundational components for achieving fluency in any language are vocabulary and grammar. (Even if the battle cries of babushka and tovarishch when asked if you speak Russian are strongly accented)

In light of this, the following apps are some of the best for learning Russian by enhancing your vocabulary and developing your grammar through enjoyable and engaging activities.

Babbel App

Babbel has proven to be one of the top language learning applications available if you want to start writing and speaking in Russian right away while expanding your vocabulary.

Its spaced repetition method combines practise in Russian writing and reading with visual and learning abilities. More specifically, frequent Babbel tasks include typing, filling in blanks, and speaking new words into your microphone, as well as matching pictures to phrases.

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Babbel gives you the same flexibility to choose when and how much time you want to spend learning Russian as the majority of the apps on this list. The software also encourages you to set weekly exercise objectives. You may modify your sessions with custom-made notifications.

This app works well for:

Visual learners who want to concentrate on building their vocabulary and strengthening their sentence structure
Students and professionals interested in a brief, quick learning programme who intend to travel to Russia.
Students who have not yet chosen their long-term learning goals.
Babbel charges $13.95/mo, $9.95/mo, $8.45/mo, and $6.95/mo for monthly, three-month, six-month, and yearly subscriptions, respectively.

Using simple animations, learn the Russian alphabet

If you are learning Russian for the first time and come from a non-Slavic language background, you might be unsure about how to approach writing those lovely but mostly foreign characters.

One of the most useful apps for writing Cyrillic, this one goes right to the point. Through simple-to-follow animations and practise exercises, you will rapidly become skilled in utilising the Russian alphabet without cluttered visuals or annoying in-app purchases.

More specifically, you learn the proper strokes to form each letter, including its uppercase and lowercase counterparts. There is a phonetic pronunciation for each letter.

This app works well for:

Absolute beginners who are self-taught and want a straightforward programme that focuses solely on writing and accurately pronouncing the Russian alphabet
Be aware that while uppercase characters are displayed in a non-cursive, printed manner, lowercase characters are taught to be written in cursive.


You can think of HelloTalk as a combined programme for language learning and instant messaging. You can easily locate many exchange partners from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Belarus if you choose Russian as your goal language.

In addition to using speech recognition, transliteration, and translation technologies, users can communicate via text, voice, or video messaging.

Google Play

You can avoid the unpleasantness of switching between languages by using the “Language exchange mode” function, which notifies users to do so after a predetermined amount of time. Additionally, the “Correct phrases” function enables exchange partners to quickly edit and archive one other’s texts.

Keep in mind that there is typically a greater demand for English speakers than there is for Russian speakers. So, make an effort to balance the time you spend learning Russian and your native tongue.

This app works well for:

Anyone learning a language, especially those who have already studied and are proficient with the Russian script, can utilise it for instant messaging.
Those aiming for fluency who wish to correctly master colloquialisms as well as enhance their writing, intonation, and accent.
Social butterflies and students looking for a chance to meet new people, participate in cross-cultural interactions, and establish a regular conversational circle.

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