RTA Dubai App download

For the past three years, the top app has been RTA Dubai. For residents and users in Dubai, this application is RTA’s main product. More than 40 of the most popular features and services that benefit users of roads and public transportation are included.

Awarded in 2017: “Best Government Service via Mobile Phone Worldwide” in the “Transport & Infrastructure Sector” at the “World Government Summit.
Awards for 2015 and 2016
• The “RTA Dubai” App won the Sheikh Hamdan Awards Program for Smart Government’s “Best App” award.
• The “RTA Dubai” App won the “Best m-Government Award” in the category of “Transportation & Infrastructure.”

Following are some of the primary services and features of the app:
• The app is available in Arabic, English, Hindi, and Russian.
• Supports wearable watches that let users start their journey on the device before “handing off” to a payment service.
• The opportunity to register as a new user, log in as an existing user, communicate with RTA Agents via live chat features, and express comments or technical issues.
• A user-specific dashboard that offers a full picture of their profile, access to crucial emergency services, government resources, and weather information for safe driving.
• Parking services for registered users and guests to pay for parking, remember where they parked, and locate parking lots in Dubai.
• The enquiry for “Violations” and payment through the DSG payment portal.
• checking your balance, topping off, and viewing previous transactions as well as trip history.
• Checking the Salik balance and topping it out with recharge cards.
• Logged-in users can order a taxi via the app booking service, while unregistered users can order a taxi by calling the taxi booking number.
• A practise theory test that helps drivers become accustomed to the Dubai RTA Theory test.
• Use maps to locate and reach RTA Customer Happiness Centers.
• Attractions with hundreds of places to visit in different categories.
• Vital details on RTA services for People with Determination.
• Key details about RTA, including a list of services, locations, and frequently asked questions.
• A calculator for calculating green points for both logged-in and guest users, which translates into time, money, and carbon dioxide emissions reductions while using public transit.
• “Innovation Corner,” which offers important articles and films on innovation for readers to read and share; • “Madini” service, where users can report any infractions or flaws in roads or transportation services from RTA.


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