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When travelling all throughout Dubai, S’hail is the best buddy you could ask for. Because of this, travelling is a lot easier, faster, and less stressful.

S’hail is able to offer you the most efficient routes to take using the many forms of public transportation that are accessible in Dubai, including buses, marine transportation, metro and tram systems, e-hailing services, taxis, and even cycling. Because of S’hail, you have access to all of this information.

You can use the S’hail app as a guest user, but in order to take use of all of the program’s unique features, we urge that you connect to your existing RTA account or create a new one.

Its appearance is straightforward, user-friendly, and instinctive, and it provides a variety of options for getting around Dubai, which should make you grin.

You want to get to your destination as quickly and inexpensively as possible, right? or are you interested in knowing the departure time in real time from your locations? You might have simply intended to go to some new areas in Dubai, in which case you should consider topping your your Nol cards before you start your journey.


When you are in Dubai, allow S’hail to assist you with all of your requirements regarding the public transportation system.

You can already begin making preparations for your trip to the Dubai Expo 2020.

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