Global Phone Call APK – Download Best Android App

 Global Phone Calling App is an android application that allows you to call your friends, family with amazing voice quality without any bill or charges.  You can call any country including Pakistan, India, Nigeria, United States, United Kingdom, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, etc,  When you install this android app you will get free credits … Read more

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program Detail and List

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program ki Payment Milni Start Hogai ha    پہلے مرحلے میں پیسے ان کو ملنے ہیں جن کو میسج آیا ہے جو اس سے پہلے بھی احساس کفالت جو کہ بینظیر انکم سپورٹ پروگرام کے تحت رقم وصول کرتے تھے وہ جائیں اپنے علاقے کے سنٹرز پر اصل شناختی کارڈ لے کر … Read more

Insaf Imdad App Download Latest Version

Download Insaf Imdad App Hi, are you searching or find Insaf Imdad android app if yes, then it is the right place to download and install Insaf Imdad application with the latest version. As you know that the Corona Virus COV-19 is spreading quickly all around the world as well as in Pakistan.  After Corona … Read more