KakaoTalk App – How to Use it

KakaoTalk is more than just a free mobile instant messaging program for smartphones; it’s a lifetime of features that let you remain in touch with family, send them gifts, share your location, accept sticker packs, and add various moods to your messages to make them more enjoyable. And I’d want to share with you today some personal observations I’ve made about this application.

You must input your bank information, the recipient’s address, or your own if you are making a transaction for yourself. You can construct your own shopping list with varying pricing guidelines and check the wish lists of your friends in addition to the functions already mentioned.

I want you to focus on the button in the bottom right corner first thing. There is also “kakao.com” mail, “calendar,” “repository with all sent and received files,” “sticker store,” “downloadable program themes,” “chats with like-minded people/communities,” etc. in addition to your name and search/settings circle. The calendar shows South Korean national holidays as well as the birthdays of your acquaintances.
This section is for you if you recently joined Kakao and have only seen a small selection of free emojis. One sticker pack costs anything between $1.99 and $2.20. Withdrawals are made using any bank card because foreigners outside of Korea do not have access to their primary function. As an alternative, you can send your friend several emoticons.

I will now explain why the guy who thought of the notion of offering presents in the application is a complete genius.

As in any online business, when you access the shopping section, tags for birthdays, deliveries, housewarming parties, weddings, and health issues pop up. For instance, “below provides commodities like a cake, chocolate, items from a 24/7 store, and cosmetics.

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In the image, you can select a gift for kids, boys, and girls. The price is so accurately determined that all you have to do to send a gift ranging from 10 to 20,000 won (230-460UAH / $ 8-16) is hit “1-2”.

If you look closely at the image above, you can make out the button that reads “,” which indicates “the most popular.” You can view the complete selection for people aged 20, 30, 40, etc. by clicking on it. If you need to look at the received and sent gifts, go to the “,” and if you want to check your stickers, head to the “.” You can pick the color and create the card yourself if you prefer to back your unnie (older friend) or a partner.

I didn’t expressly mention KakaoFriends in the menu area. The characters of this Korean business, nevertheless, whose adorable socks, slippers, computer mouse, and even some lingerie are available for purchase, were first revealed to you. For instance, the mouse in the image on the right costs 29,000 won (668UAH/$24).

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