Download Turkish Airline App

Our smartphone app enables you to travel at the fastest possible pace.
simply keeping track of your choices and flights. You can utilise our app to
take use of tools like check-in, ticketing, and reservations that make your life easier.

User-friendly design

• It is now much simpler to organise your journey, whether it is for a vacation or business trip!
Our mobile app keeps track of your preferences, likes, and flights.
and offers you only recommendations.
• We have built a fresh design based on the optimal user experience.
You may now quickly make your travel arrangements, purchase tickets, and use Miles.
• Using our user-friendly application, you will purchase tickets,
organise your reservations and examine your registered flights a lot faster.

Brand new finds

• Get ready to experience the world with the airline flying between the most
places on the planet. By looking at the specials, you may book flights at a discount.
• By looking at the city guides, you can learn about our suggestions.
this will affect how you travel. You check out to get ready for a fun trip
the locations to see, the foods to relish, information on airport transfers, and more
for the cities you will visit.🗼🗽

Reservation method

• By storing your flight, you can make your reservation later. You can complete the
payment anytime you want on all of your devices. 📱 💻
• From My Reservations area, you can add a new flight, you may change
or change your flight’s itinerary and bring infants along.

Quick and safe payment
• On our mobile application, there are numerous payment options and currencies available.
You can choose the most practical ones and pay with ease.
• By saving your credit card information or using the camera to scan it while paying, you may purchase tickets much more quickly.
• By keeping your credit card and profile information private, you may feel secure at all times.

Advantages of Miles&Smiles

• We’ve created a customized Miles&Smiles experience that is only available through our mobile application. Your finger print can be used to access your account.
• You can use your Miles to purchase an award ticket or make purchases on Shop&Miles.
• Miles transactions now cover a lot more ground! On our mobile application, transactions like buying Miles and transferring Miles can be completed.

Further services
• By hiring a car ahead of time at a discounted rate or by using your Miles, you can make reservations at any hotel you prefer and save time. 🏨 🚗
• If you’d like to protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances when travelling, you can purchase travel insurance.
• By choosing your seat, you can travel in the position that is most comfortable for you.

Details that improve your trip
• Purchasing tickets for trips involving numerous flights is now much simpler. Just click on the multi-city selection.
• You can follow the status of any flight you wish by using flight status feature.🛫 🛬
• Before your travel, you can examine the location of counters, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies and more on the maps with the uploaded airport maps.


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