Font Converter App – Convert OTF to TTF

Font Converter App -With the help of this converter tool, you may convert a variety of unusual font formats.

For Android and PC, we support the majority of popular font file types.

The headache of unfamiliar font file formats is over!

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Supported file types include ttf, otf, pfb, dfont, otb, fon, fnt, svg, ttc, bdf, sfd, cff, pfa, ofm, acfm, amfm, cha, and chr. – Support for converting otf to ttf.
– 15 MB is the maximum file size for conversion.
– Autohinting support for TTF fonts enhances font rendering on PC.

What is this font converter good for?

Do you possess a font file that is in a format that your tools are unable to open? With the help of our font converter, even unusual font file formats can be converted into widely used formats like TTF or OTF.
Use.ttf as the output format if you are unsure of which is best for your software.

Supported font types

The following font files can be read by Font Converter:
SVG, TTC, ABF (Adobe Binary Screen Font), AFM (Adobe Font Metrics File), BDF (Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format), FON (Windows), FNT (Windows), OTF OpenType font, PostScript (Type 1 font), TeX Bitmap Fonts, OTB (X11 bitmap only sfnt), TrueType, PostScript (Type 1 font), BDF (Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format), and DFONT (Mac OS X Data Fork Font)

The aforementioned output formats can be used:

woff – Web Oben Font ttf – TrueType Font otf – OpenType Font svg – SVG Font ufo – Embedded OpenType pfa – Unified Font Object (eot) – Type 1 PS (Ascii)
PS Type 1 pfb (Binary)
pt3 – PS Type 3 ps – PS Type 0 cff bin – PS Type 1 (MacBin) – CFF (Bare)
t11 – Type11 fon – Generic font t42 – Type42 (CID 2)
TTF (TrueType) (MacBin)


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