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 Do you want to learn English if yes you are in the right article here I am going to tell you about the importance of the English language also I will tell you how we can learn English Fluently in a short time? In this article i will recommend you an android application which is a very useful application because in this application you can learn English from languages like Urdu, Hindi, and others.  

Importance of English in 2021

Nowadays you can say that it is very important to learn English due to the advanced era, the world is going to change, things are going to smart. If you want foreign friends you must have English skills like English Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing skills.

If you are thinking about if we learn one mentioned skill we can get expert but its not right. If you want to be an expert you should learn and practice all the skills.  

Yes, Practice makes a man perfect. You should practice on a daily basis to learn English otherwise you cannot learn it professionally so to learn English Skills you must practice on a daily basis. 

In today’s era if you want to do the job or even you want to start a business you must have English skills, without English you cannot easily succeed in your business. If you want to start your online business and you are not good at English speaking then you will not get your goals. As you know if we start a business online you always conversate with your partners, clients. To want to start freelancing you must good at English communication.

I hope you got an idea how important is the English language, so if you are now serious in learning English don’t worry today I am going to tell you an android application that helps you achieve your goals. From this article, you can easily download and install that application which is Hello English. 

Hello Egnlish App 2021

Hello English APK is an android application that helps you to learn English from different languages like Hindi, Indonesian, Thai, Arabic, Gujarati, Oriya, Assamese, Malayalam, Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish and Nepali, Malay, Urdu, Malay, Bangladeshi Bengali, Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi.
This free English learning application is used by more than 10 Million which is a great number of people and this application has a rating of 4.5 on the Play store which is an amazing and top-level rating. 


400+ Interactive Lessons: 100% free intelligent exercises with conversational English, sentence structure points, jargon, and then some. All exercises work disconnected also. 

Interactive Games: On perusing, interpretation, spellings, language, jargon. With quick outcomes and punctuation tips. 

Conversation and talking practice game: Hold everyday use discussions by talking into the App – improve your communication in English abilities. 

10,000 words Dictionary: Learn new words, and hear their elocution. 

Play with companions: Multi-player games and tests to rehearse English with students across the globe 

Live Chat: Learn English with Live chat bots. 

Know Your Rank: Win coins and know your worldwide and city rank.

Discussions with instructors: Ask inquiries on punctuation and interpretations to educators. 

Practice utilizing everyday news and recordings: Learn with most recent news, articles, sound video clasps, and digital books. 

How to Download and Install

So if you want to learn English you must install this application. To download this android application just click on the download button and then you successfully download the apk file of Hello English then open that file and install it. 
To use this application you need to select your language, your level of English learning and then you need to select why you want to learn English. 


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