Battery Saver Free Download | Car Battery Saver | Power Battery Saver For Android Phone

Battery Saver Free Download 
Car Battery Saver | Power Battery
Saver For Android Phone

Power Battery is a light, quick and shrewd battery 
application that encourages you to spare battery
 life and improve battery wellbeing. With viable battery 
saver, quick battery charger and more battery modules,
 you have authority over the battery use 
and exploit the restricted battery limit. 

VIP Membership Subscription 
– Get a 3-day VIP participation preliminary for FREE! 
– Turn off all promotions and appreciate
 the superior experience. 
Battery Life Saver 

Power Battery rapidly filters your versatile, check
 the power utilization of applications and settings,
 and spare battery for your gadget adequately. 
Optimizing application to quit depleting the battery with 1 tap; 
Shows battery rate on screen just as charge time assessing; 
Battery charge screen that recognizes battery
 charge level and switches between beneath modes 
Speed Mode: quick charging 
battery when battery underneath 80%; 
Continuous Mode: begin accusing of battery 
care when battery somewhere in the range of 80% and 100%; 
Trickle Mode: Reduce charging input 
when battery 100% for battery wellbeing. 
Battery Info Live: battery temperature,
 voltage, battery capacity(mAh) and then some; 
Battery Usage: the power utilization
 subtleties on your Android gadget; 
Battery Info – View Battery Status,

 Battery Log and Battery History 
In view of legitimate papers calculation and exact 
battery test, Power Battery finds and show the key 
battery data for you to realize your battery better, 
including live battery status, battery log of your
 battery history charge time. It likewise produces every
 day battery report, control utilization data
 and power-sparing information for you. 

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