RECEIVE_SMS – consent to get a notice when a SMS touches base to you, so you can immediately send it where you determine; 

RECEIVE_WAP_PUSH – like the goals RECEIVE_SMS, includes warnings from versatile administrators and different senders utilizing WAP PUSH innovation to send you messages; 
SEND_SMS – authorization to send approaching SMS to other telephone numbers that you have indicated; 
READ_CONTACTS – to get the present rundown of your contacts for channel settings, on the off chance that you need to divert just SMS from explicit numbers. 
The application was structured while considering present day thoughts regarding plan. It is basic and simple to utilize. Messages are sent out of sight with negligible utilization of information and battery charge. 

Preferences of the application: 
– Optimum battery utilization: improved innovations are utilized to spare battery life. It would be ideal if you note: Forwarding does not require the application to be open. 
– Flexible settings: select contacts and allot rules for the message inside each channel 
– Synchronization of settings: spare channel settings in the cloud so as to abstain from losing data 
– No promotions: the application is allowed to utilize and does not contain any advertisements. 
– Modern interface plan: we attempted to make the interface as easy to understand as would be prudent. 
– SMS to email or SMS to telephone DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL. 

You are allowed the chance to make at least one channels, every one of which enables you to arrange beneficiaries to send messages, set the essential settings and guidelines for sifting. 
Whenever you can kill and turn on the made channels, if fundamental. 
If there should be an occurrence of wrong SMS sending, a notice will come, on the off chance that you wish, you can send a blunder report to the engineer. 
For the application to work effectively, you need consents: 
1) Reading contacts – decide the names and telephone quantities of senders to you SMS 
2) Interception of SMS – to get the message in time and send it as per the channels 
3) Reading the condition of the telephone – to decide the status of wandering, the Internet to spare your cash 
If it’s not too much trouble guarantee that all authorizations are given, generally the right activity of the application isn’t ensured. 
Consideration! Be cautious when setting up a SMS shipment that contains your own or monetary privileged insights, ensure that this data isn’t sent to 3 people. The application will divert data to those numbers and messages that are shown and while downloading the application you acknowledge all duty regarding the harm that these activities can bring. 
The application is helpful to individuals who have a few telephones being used and need to dependably get forward-thinking data pretty much all SMS from different numbers. Or on the other hand get data about SMS on your mail.

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